D a v i d G a z a r o v
Pianist, Composer, Recording Artist
Born May 19, 1965 in Baku (Capital City of Azerbaijan), David started his classical piano lessons when he was four. Besides classical music, American jazz always took a very important place in David’s life. 
David’s father, Eduard Gazarov, was a significant influence on his early musical taste and education.  David attended his father’s jazz big band rehearsals almost daily, while still investing much of his time perfecting classical piano through lessons from his teacher, professor Elmira Nazirova.      
After graduating from music college and entering The Conservatory of Music in Baku, David moved to Moscow  in 1989 and continued his studies, graduating from the Moscow Music Academy of Gnesins.
While still a student he won the Trans-Caucasian competition for classical music, the First All-Russian Jazz-Musicians’ Competition and the International Competition of Jazz-Pianists in Poland.
In 1991 Gazarov signed his first international recording contract with the German recording company, “Anima Records.”  David then moved to Munich, the city that has become his second home.
Munich has embraced Gazarov’s music and personality: At the end of 1999 David was awarded with a Special Bavaria State Prize for musicians, “Bayerischer Staatlicher Förderungspreis“ with a Diploma from the Bavarian Ministry of Culture. 
Between the beginning of the nineties and today, David has lived an active life performing as both a soloist and a sidemen in various musical configurations. 
Today David Gazarov can proudly count among those he has played with, celebrated musicians such as N.H.ø.P., Bobby Durham, Chuck Israels, Roberta Gambarini, Ryo Kawasaki, Johnny Griffin, Keith Copeland, Charly Antolini, Buddy De Franco, Martin Drew, Bill Goodwin, Jimmy Woode, and many others.
Solo performances at a number of large venues--Semper Opera in Dresden (Germany), Congress Hall in Graz (Austria), Hercules Sal - Gasteig in Munich (Germany), Chajkovski Concert Hall in Moscow (Russia), Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Jazz-Open in Stuttgart (Germany) – further contributed to David’s development. 
During the past few years David has been working on a number of crossover projects involving outstanding classical musicians and orchestras which include composing, arranging, recording and performing live with the Bamberg Symphonic Big-Band, the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, the Great Orchestra Of The City Of Graz, the Symphonic Orchestra Of Bavarian Radio (BR), as well as with Karl-Heinz Steffens and Stefan Vladar.
Further, David has performed in concert at several international classical music festivals such as, the Mozart Music Fest in Wuerzburg (1997,1998,2000), the International Chamber Music Fest in Jerusalem (2004), the Wagner Music Fest in Bayreuth (1998, 2000) and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Fest (2004, 2005).
Appearing on such labels as, “ANIMA”(Germany), “DENON”(International), E-M-S (International), TUXEDO RECORDS (“Episode”U.S.), TUDOR (Switzerland), SKIP RECORDS (Germany), David has recorded a number of CD’s under his own name, as well as participating in other projects by fellow musicians and colleagues. 
Today David Gazarov frequently tours with a “mixed concert-program”, playing the music of great classical composers in the first half of his concert, followed in the second half by jazz and crossover compositions of his own as well as paraphrased jazz standards.

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